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Alan Murchison

Alan Murchison at the pass (5K)Alan Murchison is Executive Chef and Managing Director of "10 in 8, The Fine Dining Group" and has three Michelin starred restaurants in the UK: L'ortolan, La Bécasse and Paris House. He is the author of a stunning cookbook called "Food for Thought" and has competed and judged on BBC2's Great British Menu. We invite you to join Alan in his kitchen for an introduction on how he uses Thermomix and some great Thermomix recipes.

Alan's Thermomix Recipes

Alan in Kitchen150px (5K)
Thermomix Introduction

Carrot Cake (6K)
Carrot Cake
Salmon & Hollandaise
Chicken Ravioli (8K)
Chicken Ravioli

Thermomix TM31


Thermomix is another pair of hands in the professional kitchen. It is an intelligent power blender and processor that can cook & stir or cook & blend simultaneously.

With Thermomix, restaurants are raising the quality level of their food and saving time, money and effort.

The 10 in 8 Group

10in8 (5K)The 10 in 8 concept was born in response to Alan Murchison's ambition to build a financially sustainable collection of fine dining restaurants over an eight year period. Each restaurant would be individual, representing the highest standards the industry could offer and be capable of earning at least one Michelin Star within just 3 years of opening. The group has 4 restaurants currently - all of which use Thermomix extensively.

Cook with Janie

Janie150h (11K)In the home, Thermomix makes cooking so fast, easy and healthy. "Cook with Janie" is a series of Thermomix recipes prepared by Janie Turner. Janie is passionate about teaching people to eat well and cook with joy! We invite you into her kitchen to see why Thermomix is changing people's lives!